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The Choral Ensemble has been founded in 2014, for the 10th anniversary of the federation. It gathers 150 singers from 16 choirs members of the federation. They come from the whole Brittany, from Ploudalmezeau to Nantes.
This choir, directed by Jean-Marie Airault, has been formed to create or recreate major works from the breton repertoire, accompanied by a small orchestra.

The first work on schedule was cantata Ar Marh Dall, from Job an Irien and René Abjean. It has been played in public on seven times : in december 2014 in Pontivy, for the federation’s 10th anniversary Breizh a Gan, in july 2015 on the opening of Kann al Loar festival in Landerneau and on opening of Cornouaille festival in Quimper, in Douarnenez, in Glenmor Hall in Carhaix, in Plouguerneau and at Interceltic Festival of Lorient.

The cantatas

Izild A Vreizh

THE POEM – The libretto is written by Jéva Omnes who, in tableaux
takes us from Ireland and Cornwall to the shores of Penmarc’h, which will see the tragic end of our heroes.

THE MUSICIzild A Vreizh is an oratorio for choir, Celtic harp, violin, viola cello, flute, uillean pipe and percussion.

Jean-Yves Le Ven’s work focuses more on the fate of Tristan’s unloved Breton lawful wife, ‘Iseult aux blanches mains’, than on her lover, ‘Iseult of Ireland’.

In this suite of 14 choirs and 3 instrumental pieces, the original compositions are interspersed with traditional themes where melodies and dances alternate between jig, gavotte, real and an-dro.

The oratorio will be performed for the first time on the occasion of the 40th edition of the Breizh A Gan which will take place in the cathedral of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, on Sunday 04 December 2022.

Cantata Ar Marh Dall :

Composed in 1978, played for the fisrt time 35 years ago in 1979 for the Bleun-Brug in Plopugastel-Daoulas, this full of strenght and energy cantata is a plea against forgetting ou identity, our language and our history. The lyrics have remained surprisingly contemporary. Job an Irien himself said at the end of the concert in Pontivy that he would’nt change a world from it ! And the music too has kept its whole emotionnal strenght. The musicians : Françoise Le Visage(celtic harp), Alain Nizou (tin-whistle, uileann-pipes), Georges Bertholom (guitar), Jean-Pierre Dovilliers (bass), Gwenaël Riou (organ), Gilles Troël, Ronan Pouliquen, Dominig Mahé (bombards) and Yann Goasdoué (bagpipes).

Cantata An Aval hag ar C'haliz :

In 2017, Brittany Choral Ensemble began working on a new work, An Aval hag ar C’haliz The lyrics of this cantata are from Patrick Corlay. Eight impressive musical pictures show in the lyric manner, that is the dearest one of the Alreen writer, the period of time when the ancient animist religion of the Celts switched to the new christian one, and when it envaded Britain and Armorica. The listeners are immersed in the Vth century. Between history and mythology, they get a glimpse of feisty echoes from the battles, and of the wind blowing on the mountains carrying smells of incense from the celebrations.

Apart from the originality of its lyrics, An Aval hag ar C’haliz ( The Apple and the Chalice) is also rich of the originality of its music. Written in 2006, the score is due to seven choir directors from Kanomp Breizh : Albert Deval, Jean-Marie Airault, Jacques Lestrohan (with Yuri Falik), Roselyne Dauneau, Yvonne Breilly, Romain Sponagel, and Gérard Le Clerc. The composition, harmonisation and arrangement works have been coordinated by René Abjean.

This cantata has been played only one time in public in its original shape. It was for Breizh a Gan in Nantes cathedral, in 2007.

The composers have been able to highlight the feity lyricism of the lyrics, the delicate embroidery of the prayers. One is taken along the different musical pictures, and the different atmospheres articulate with no rest until the final brilliant explosion.

Brittany Choral Ensemble will be able to show this work from summer 2018.

How to program Brittany Choral Ensemble in your feast or festival ?

Cantata Ar Marh Dall

Lasting 35mn ich.
In the first part of the concert, we offer “Landscapes of Brittany” a read and sung evocation of our countryside, accompanied on organ by Gwenaël Riou. Texts by Flaubert, Brizeux, Suarez, Le Braz, read by Jean-Marie Airault are highlighted by traditionnal songs interpreted as a response by a small male choir made of choir Mouezh Paotred Breizh members.

It is also possible to have a choir, member of Kanomp Breizh, for the first part.

Price of show Ar Marh Dall : 2500€, includig the musicians pay, the move and the sono.
Hosting conditions wanted : a changing and voice warming room, a snack or a meal after show. It is asked to let enough time before the show to install the sono, do the balances and the rehearsal (at least 2 hours).

The Celtic oratorio Izild A Vreizh is
available for programming from summer 2023.
Duration: approximately 45 minutes
Kanomp Breizh is able to provide a 40mn ich first part for the concert in order to get a 1h30 ich show.

To get more informations, please contact us.