Brittany Choirs Championship

2023 Championship

The Brittany Choir Championship which takes place every year in May as part of the Fête de la Bretagne (for second and third category choirs) and in July as part of the Kann al Loar Festival (for first category choirs) in Landerneau.

This year the championship will take place in the church of Saint Thomas in Landerneau:

  • Sunday 21 May for the second and third category championship
  • Friday 14 July for the first category championship

Results of the 2022 Championships

In 2022, the Anna Vreizh choir was the winner of the 2nd category championship. The Nantes choir obtained an overall average of 17.50/20.

In the 1st category championship, it was the men’s choir from Brittany, Mouezh Paotred Breizh, which finished top of the championship for the seventh time, with an overall average of 17.70/20.

Brittany Championship for 2nd and 3rd category choirs (22/05/2022)
  1. Anna Vreizh : 17,50/20
  2. Kan Ar Vro : 16,41/20
  3. Mouezh Bro Konk : 15,91/20
  4. La Clé des Chants : 15,56/20
Hekleo took part in the championship in the 3rd category.
Brittany 1st Category Choir Championship (10/07/2022)
  1. Mouezh Paotred Breizh : 17,70/20
  2. Kanerion An Oriant : 17,63/20
  3. Paotred Pagan : 17,59/20
  4. Kanerien Sant Meryn : 16,51/20
  5. Aber Al Liger : 15,42/20
The Creation Trophy was awarded to Kanerion An Oriant for the song Amzer Disoursi (lyrics and arrangements by Loïc Rousseau).
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