The aim of Kanomp Breizh is to promote traditional and contemporary Breton choral singing.

The federation assumes, on the one hand, a role of conservation of the traditional Breton language repertoire, and, on the other hand, supports regional composers by promoting the creation of their works for choirs. It also promotes the dissemination of singing in the Breton language to a wide audience.


Kanomp Breizh was founded in 2004 by the choirmasters of the choirs members of the Kendalc’h confederation’s choral singing commission. It was made possible thanks to the support of the confederation, the composer René Abjean, and the support of the Brittany Region.

The Kanomp Breizh federation is a member of the Cultural Council of Brittany, Kendalc’h, the Bro Gozh Committee, Kevre Breizh and Gouelioù Breizh.


To join the Kanomp Breizh federation, a choir must simply be interested in the Breton repertoire. Membership allows you to benefit from the advantages and activities offered: courses and training for choir members and conductors, participation in various concerts and choral gatherings, a newsletter sent to each choir member, free access to the online library.

Kanomp Breizh relays to the member choirs the proposals of concerts, animations or various participations which are addressed to him, in order to integrate fully the choral song in festivals and cultural events in all Brittany.

Kanomp Breizh organizes in particular:

the Brittany Choir Championship

which takes place every year in May as part of the Brittany Fest (for second and third category choirs) and in July as part of the Kann al Loar Festival (for first category choirs) in Landerneau.

the Breizh a Gan

in partnership with the Kendalc'h confederation, a great festival of choral singing in Brest, which takes place every year on the first Sunday of December since 1982.

Kanañ e brezhoneg

the day of vocal and language training open to all, and also offers a wide range of training courses throughout the year. 

The federation set up the Brittany Choral Ensemble in 2014, intended to perform important works from the Breton repertoire.

The Board of Directors

The board of directors of Kanomp Breizh is composed of representatives of the choirs (the choirs are elected to the board), individual members and two members by right: the representative of Kendalc’h and the representative of the choirmasters.

The 2022 team :

Representation at the Cultural Council of Brittany

The Cultural Council of Brittany is a consultative assembly attached to the Regional Council. Created in 2009 and unique in France, this body is composed of 70 members representing the artistic, cultural and heritage diversity of Brittany. Placed under the Regional Council, the Cultural Council is consulted on all issues relating to the cultural identity of Brittany and its influence. It may also take up any matter falling within these areas for the purpose of studies and recommendations.

Kanomp Breizh is a member of the Cultural Council since 2009.
The mandates of the 70 elected officials have just been renewed for three years.
Jean-Pierre Thomin was reappointed as a full member, and Marie-Renée Nicolas as a substitute.
Moreover, Jean-Pierre Thomin was elected president of the commission of languages of Brittany and member of the board of the Cultural Council.

Kanomp Breizh Contact

Coordination :

Mailing address

cz/ JP. Thomin
200 rue de la Petite Palud
29800 Landerneau

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