CD : Dre Henchou Ar Vro C'hlaz

Kanerien Sant Meryn. 2003.

DVD : Pinijenn Ar Roue Gradlon

Booklet: Jeva Omnès. Kanerien Sant Meryn, Kanerion An Oriant, Ensemble Lirzhin. 2004.

CD : Izild A Vreizh

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CD : Balaven

Kanerien Sant Meryn, Mouezh Bro Konk. Bombard: Fabrice Lothodé. Accordion: Jérémy Simon. 2016.

CD : Nevezadur

An Here Editions, Poems: Anjela Duval. Kanerien Sant Meryn. 2020.

Jean-Yves Le Ven, composer and choir director

Jean-Yves LE VEN was born in 1951 in QUIMPER. After classical and folk guitar, bass guitar, rock, collecting, festoù-noz, accompanying Celtic circles within the groups Galouperien and Ferobriz, he devotes himself to composition and harmonization for choirs and instrumental ensembles. He wrote the choral parts of the show AZELIZ IZA created by Bagad Kemper in 2000, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the formation.

In 2004, his first oratorio, PINIJENN AR ROUE GRADLON on a libretto by Jeva Omnès, was acclaimed by the public at the Cornouaille Festival. IZILD A VREIZH, His second oratorio, on the legend of Tristan and Isolde, also premiered at the Festival de Cornouaille in 2009, won the Kanomp Breizh’s Creation Price. It was recorded at the Centre Culturel Les Arcs in Quéven in 2013.

Also in 2013, he won the Creation Award at the Pan Celtic Festival in Carlow, Ireland.

The following years were devoted to the harmonization of traditional Breton themes, previously inaccessible to choirs. This is particularly the case of the tunes of Aven, melodies, marches and dances, grouped on the album BALAVEN, recorded at the Cultural Center Le Nautile in La Forêt Fouesnant in 2016.

With NEVEZADUR, a work for choir and orchestra illustrating the cycle of the seasons, he won again in 2016 the prize for the Creation of Breton Choirs.

In 2018, he composed the sung parts of the play GALNYS, written and directed by Yann-Fulub Dupuy.

In 2021, with TANON, TANIE ha TASIE, he pays tribute to the Goadec sisters, a mythical trio of singers from Central Brittany, in a choral suite featuring 10 melodies and dances from their repertoire.

The Federation Kanomp Breizh has published “Peder Vouezh”, a collection of songs chosen from the hundred or so works that Jean-Yves Le Ven has composed and harmonized for choir.

Il dirige depuis 2004 Kanerien Sant Meryn, ensemble choral en langue bretonne qui regroupe une soixantaine de choristes.