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An Alré Choir

CHŒUR AN ALRE is a polyphonic ensemble directed since September 2018 by Françoise Pasco, music education teacher at the Centre de Musique et d'Arts Sacrés de Sainte-Anne d'Auray where she also teaches organ.

Mixed choir |

Paotred Pagan

The 20 Breton singers who make up Paotred Pagan sing in four voices people’s life of Armor. They sing dañs round (round dances) and gwerzioù (laments) of the Pagan country, country of the seaweed farmers and shipwreckers. The group is accompanied by three musicians on guitar, Irish flute, banjo, accordion and piano. Paotred Pagan is ... Read more

Men's choir | 29 - Plounéour-Trez

Mouezh Paotred Breizh

For almost 30 years, the singers of Mouezh Paotred Breizh – from the 5 historical departments of the region – bring Breton culture to life through polyphonic choral singing.They carry within them, with pride and generosity, a history, a heritage, a territory and convictions. Above all, they speak of the beauty and richness of the ... Read more

Men's choir |

Mouezh Bro Konk

Choir of the Country of Concarneau, which sings in Breton, composed of about thirty singers and directed by Didier Dréo.   With Kanerien sant Meryn : Creation Prize in 2008 and 2016 at the Brittany Choir Championship  and Champion of Brittany 2013, 2014 and 2017.

Mixed choir | 29 - Concarneau

Mouez Rosko

This mixed choir from Roscoff is directed by Rose-Marie Josien. The group includes 45 people.The choir’s repertoire includes mainly traditional Breton songs and songs of the sea. Mouez Rosko participated in the 2016 Brittany Choir Championship, in the Audition category.

Mixed choir | 29 - Roscoff

Mouez Ar Mor

This choir based in Brest is directed by Zarema Evloeva. It currently has 38 singers. The choir’s program includes songs in Breton, songs of the sea, and classical tunes.

Mixed choir | 29 - Brest

Les Choralines - Korholen

Choir of the Guérande’s Peninsula, directed by Christophe Vincent, choirmaster graduated from the National Conservatory of Region (Nantes).41 singers make up this choir, which sings songs in Breton and French, songs of the sea …

Mixed choir | 44 - Piriac-sur-Mer

La Clé des Chants

The Ploudaniel Choir, created in 1920, was, at the beginning, a parish choir. It was only in March 1998 that the Association “La Clé des Chants” was created. Today it is directed by Florian Desbans and is composed of 35 choristers who meet every Friday from 5.15 to 6.45 pm at the Kan An Avel ... Read more

Mixed choir | 29 - Ploudaniel

Kanomp ar Vro

This choir is part of the Breton Cultural Center Abhervé of Saint-Brieuc; it is directed by Yvonne Guilmoto. The twenty or so singers who currently make up the group sing in Breton, in four voices, traditional and recently created songs, religious or secular. Rehearsal every Monday at the Abhervé cultural center.

Mixed choir | 22 - Saint-Brieuc

Kanerion An Oriant

Kanerion an Oriant is the choir of the country of Lorient. It is directed byDiane Régnier. The choir was founded by a handful of singerspassionate about Breton culture and who wanted to promote the songsBreton and Celtic countries. KAO sings in Breton (Vannetais) with fourvoices, traditional or contemporary tunes. The choir was Champion of Brittany ... Read more

Mixed choir | 56 - Lorient

Kanerien Sant Meryn

The choral ensemble Kanerien Sant Meryn, “the singers of Saint Meryn”, was created in 1983 on the occasion of the twinning of Plomelin (Quimper region) with Crymych in Wales. Saint Meryn, patron saint of Plomelin, gave it its name. It has asserted itself in its repertory over the years, and performs mainly in Cornouaille, but ... Read more

Mixed choir | 29 - Pomelin

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