Harmonisation training (level 1) Level 1 of the training will take place face-to-face over 3 days, 3 weeks apart. The course is intended for a group of up to 6 people.The training will start in mid-April and will take place according to the location of the trainees. The dates of the sessions will be defined … Read more

Kanañ e brezhoneg (Singing in breton) is a training session on voice and language provided to the chorists. Speakers Guy Pouliquen Musician (bagpipes, bombard, piano, organ) Singer (tenor) and songwriter Choirmaster of Kan Ar Vro Alan Hervé Head of the Language Commission at the Fédération Kanomp Breizh Singer Jean-Pierre Thomin Chairman of the Fédération Kanomp … Read more

The training takes place over five days a year at Ti Ar Vro in Carhaix. Proposed dates for 2023: Saturdays 08 April, 10 June, 16 September, 07 October and 25 November. The trainers Jean-Marie Airault Choir director of Mouezh Paotred Breizh (six times Brittany Champion) Director of Britanny Choir as well Ieva Gravite Music teacher … Read more